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Behind On Mortgage Payments In Tulsa?

As a homeowner, you have many options to aid you in your situation. Sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of bills and necessary expenses. Even though, your mortgage may be your top priority, you may still fall behind on mortgage payments. The key to overcoming this is to educate yourself, make a decision, and act accordingly.

Behind On Payments, But I Want To Keep My House

Contact your mortgage company and try to work out a solution. The process of foreclosure is expensive, and the banks will work with you to get you back on track and making payments on the mortgage. Depending on your situation, you may qualify for a loan modification which can decrease your monthly payment.  Of course, you will have to show proof that you have sufficient enough income to cover the mortgage payment.

So, this may not be the best option for you if you recently lost your job.  One of the caveats of home loan modification is that you will pay much more in the long run, but the purpose of the loan modification is to help your current situation, thus, providing a win-win solution for you and the bank.  They get some type of return on the mortgage and you pay a smaller payment, although, you will be paying more interest over the life of the loan.

“List My House For Sale”

Listing with an agent can be the better option for many homeowners.  You can get full market value, but the house needs to be in great shape with little to no repairs needed. The house may sit on the market for long lengths of time, and there are no guarantees of a sale. There will be stacks upon stacks of paperwork, and the seller usually foots the bill for BOTH agents’ sales commissions.

If you are behind or facing foreclosure, time becomes even more important! Also, if the value of your home is LESS than your mortgage balance, you may have to attempt a short sale.  During a short sale, you (as the homeowner) have to first get permission from the bank, the buyer will negotiate with you, and the bank has to approve the price that was reached.

Short sales can be a very tedious, lengthy process and do not necessarily prevent the bank from proceeding with foreclosure. Short sales, though, are somewhat better on your credit than a foreclosure because it shows that you were proactive instead of simply allowing the home to be foreclosed on.

  • Have 4-6 months? Listing with an agent may put more in your pocket
  • Save your credit from foreclosure
  • See if your situation qualifies
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“Get A Fair Cash Offer Today”

Working with a professional home buyer like 918 Home Solutions can help homeowners in various situations. Don’t have much time to sell? Perfect! We can close in as little as 14 days!  Need to sell house fast without repairs? Perfect! We buy houses in any condition! Behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure? That’s fine! We can help you avoid foreclosure and get from behind on mortgage payments TODAY!

  • Let us know about your situation and your house
  • We’ll evaluate it quickly (usually within 24 hours)
  • You’ll receive a fair win-win cash offer
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“Need To Sell But In Negative Equity”

Sometimes, a cash offer is not the most appropriate solution. You may owe more than house is worth. Maybe you’re situation is this — just bought house and lost my job; OR just bought house need to sell. These situations DO arise!  And when they do, 918 Home Solutions is the perfect option for you to sell your house fast.  We can take over payments if you’re behind on mortgage! We can handle it even in these unique situations and you could even walk away with some cash in your pocket!

  • Just bought house, need to sell
  • We’ll be your safety net and help you out of that stressful situation
  • Avoid those late payments, save your credit
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Want To Learn How To Stop Foreclosure Now?

So, are you in foreclosure and want to learn how to stop foreclosure now? Behind on mortgage payments and about to go into foreclosure?  We’ve created free online guides to help homeowners just like you find out your options on getting out of the sticky situation you’re in right now.

You aren’t the first person to go through a foreclosure… and won’t be the last.  So don’t feel ashamed. It happens.

The best thing you can do right now is educate yourself on your options.  For some people selling your home is the best option (we’ll make a fair all cash offer on your house today, just let us know about your situation here <<), sometimes we’re able to help homeowners STOP FORECLOSURE completely, and sometimes there are other options.  So, click one of the buttons above to get your free foreclosure guide.